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ACS Sujok Electro Probe - Stimulator

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10 cm
16 cm
5 cm
270 gm
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Product Description

Introduction : ACS Sujok Acu Probe Acupressure Electro Stimulator with Acu Point detector has a unique facility to locate the perfect position of a point as per meridian theory. It also has been designed for clinical use, which transmits pulsating currents of different frequencies through the electropad (not included) to human body. Jet Sujok Probe with its internal Battery (6F22) is especially suitable for operation in places where AC current is not available.
Application : ACS Acu Probe is mainly used to detect the perfect position of the point with therapeutic effect in the treatment of pain, paralysis of limbs, arthritis, vomiting and the disease which can be treated by acupressure.
Direction for Operation
(a)     For Point Detection - Put the Polarity switch at (+) side now switch on the ACS Sujok Probe. Connect the negative Probe to the body and move the positive probe through meridian to locate the perfect point. When the probe touch any suffering point the frequency of the indicator glowing with sound will be more quicker than the normal position.
(b)     For Acupressure therapy - Connect the electrorod (not included) by plugging put on the switch of ACS Sujok Probe with the minimum position of frequency and intensity start to increase the intensity / frequency as per patient's tolerance power.
Range of Frequency   -      50 -  4000 Hz
        Pulse Amplitude     -     Positive Pulse 60 V
        (Peak Value)     -     Negative Pulse 40 V

Note : - The Probe Stimulator can not be used by adopter, So customers have to purchese that adopter seperately

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